At AHVIS, we’re raising community and social awareness related to the economic challenges, and consequences, we face today in a housing crisis. We promote initiatives that serve to fulfill the needs of people who find themselves displaced, in need of basic accommodation; a secure place to live. We’re focusing on low and modest income seniors, singles, other adults (especially service workers) and families. 


We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society. Join us! By supporting our efforts we can all make a measurable difference in the lives of others. 

Social Housing3
Social Housing3
Volunteers Serving Food
Volunteers Serving Food
Three generations of women
Three generations of women
Veggie Basket.jpeg
Veggie Basket.jpeg




Optimize land coverage by building higher density accommodations, especially related to walkability to employment centres and services, and near public transit.



In anticipation of future fluctuations in the economy, community land trusts (CLTs) make a long-term commitment to the preservation of lands and buildings that come under their care: preserving affordability; promoting sound maintenance and perpetuating the original mix of incomes and uses.



Residents, through a Cooperative Governance Model, would be encouraged to interact, take responsibility, create initiatives, and otherwise take an active role in the ongoing management of the project.



Provide long-term, affordable living solutions for high-density urban environments through AHVIS's partner providers. Please check out HappiPad, a great resource to finding a new home and perhaps a new family.


Cities, Towns and Municipalities could waive DCC’s and permitting fees on affordable housing, reduce off-site costs and simplify design requirements.




Environmentally-friendly, enduring, energy-conserving technologies: Use of prefabricated components: Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP’s); Wood and Hemp Biofiber blocks and panels, etc.


Solar DC for Electric and Hot water complemented with Wind Generators


Rain Water Harvesting (including potable uses) and Recycled Grey Water irrigation systems.


Using passive-solar principles with a “permaculture approach” to the landscape.


The inclusion of food production areas: kitchen windows; balconies (Garden Towers); rooftops (gardens, greenhouses, solar aquaponics; yards, courtyards and street-scopes (landscaped with nut and fruit trees); plants/flowers for birds & pollinators.

Support space for local entrepreneurs to provide services to residents & community (day care, Organic Food Market, deli-cafe-juice bar-coffee shop, innovative activities ..

House in Hands.jpeg



A mix of affordable and market-entry units in highly desirable urban settings. Co-op housing (apartment or townhouses - smaller suites or Tiny Homes) on AHVIS-run Land Bank / Trust on long-term leased lands.



Made available through out-sourced providers. Residents will be encouraged to interact, take responsibility, create initiatives, and participate in the maintenance management projects to help reduce overall management cost.


a) Renter/owners - assisted with down payment by credit union involvement plus private investors seeking social ventures
b) Construction financing - through CMHC
c) Deferred tax credit and other models


Cities, Towns, Municipalities, Pension Funds, Credit Unions, Corporations and .. private Citizens would invest in sustainable development for a fair return on dollars invested along with an extraordinary return in social-capital.

A Planned Parksville City Housing Project

Jensen Site
Jensen Site

Holding Hands
Holding Hands



* * * * * PHASE ONE * * * * *

78 living units

8 Commercial spaces

95 parking spaces

* * * * * PHASE TWO * * * * *

Four story with Garden Roof

Day-care facilities 

Wellness clinic and juice bar

Coffee shop 

Vegetable market

40 parking stalls 


Concept Parksville - partnerships are encouraged and needed to complete this project

A Bit of Background

Affordable Housing: Vancouver Island Society at a glance...

At AHVIS, we have a single goal; to do our part in providing affordable, sustainable, secure housing. We work with land banking/land trusts; innovative funding sources; wise use of eco-friendly building technologies; unique governance, management and maintenance models.


Daniel Duggan -

Executive Director


Daniel brings 40+ years of experience growing businesses in the areas of finance, technology, development and construction. An owner of design / build contracting companies and a partner in international construction and development firms, Daniel has great experience to share. As a past Board Member - Director with Habitat for Humanity Central Vancouver Island and an advocate of proactive change in these challenging times, Daniel has been a party to the re-creation of AHVIS, with the intent to create affordable, sustainable housing on Vancouver Island.


Jan Hesseling -

Business Development Manager

Jan is passionate about creating a better community for all Canadians. - Reference:

"CAMPBELL RIVER - January 2019"

Jan Hesseling started his professional career in The Netherlands before he continued it in Canada since 2008. He is an experienced business consultant and management coach. He coached managers responsible for huge projects in a variety of Industries from Bridge Building, Construction, Railroad, IT, Oil Industry, etc., for more than 20 years.                             

Jan is passionate about introducing a solution to improve the housing situation for all Canadians.


Arni Fullerton -

Project Planning and Community Development Manager

As a Professional Architect (now retired): Arni’s career has taken him around the world, from Europe to south-east Asia, south central America and the Caribbean. Arni holds a Bach. of Architecture from the University of Manitoba and participated in the Planning of the new City of Redditch near London, Eng.; with pivotal roles in the future of Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, and Sapporo Japan. His 'work' included planning /design for over a Dozen Inner City Neighborhoods, many Town - Downtowns , two Native Community Reserves, five Universities, social housing projects, Resort hotels and Passive Solar homes. Arni is a visionary who brings the best of the best to the fore in a world so in need of common-sense, practical and sustainable solutions. - “At this stage in my long Career I would consider myself a Community Pathfinder.”

Ian R.jpg

Ian Robertson -

Business Development Manager

Ian's intellectual acumen is second only to his sense of humour and wit. As a four time published author, Ian's discipline and creative skill-sets shine through; a scholar and a gentleman.  

Ian holds a BA from McGill University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His work has focused on marketing, finance and international business development. In his highly entrepreneurial career he has worked for an Investment Dealer (Wood Gundy), the Federal Government (CIDA), his own marketing consulting partnership (Magee Robertson Inc.), the BC Government (BC Trade), and his own, personal consulting firm. He has lived and worked in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Manila, New Delhi, Singapore and Parksville.

ELAINE 5.tiff

Elaine Weidner -

Board Member (Director) and Marketing Manager

Elaine holds several professional and academic certificates: a teaching certification; an M.Ed in counselling (•adult education •career development •lifestyle change); an Executive Coaching Certification; and Business Management & Training, including Internet Marketing. Elaine also heads up a home-based business, Galatea Consulting, is a founding member of Transition Victoria, and is a participant on the StreetLife/ Neighbourhood Improvement/Climate Action Committees of a local Community Association. Elaine’s management and business skills are well suited to making community-based programs a success. It takes a solid structural and organizational understanding to bring ideas to life and Elaine is an expert at doing this. - Always an inspiration to the people she works with!


Gerda Christensen -

Board Member (Director) Tiny Home Specialist

Gerda has a McMaster University B.A. in Psychology, and ten years of experience each as medical x-ray technician and Behaviour Therapist, along with four years of instructing at Vancouver Island University in Continuing Education. Her academic pursuits dovetail with her business acumen, developed during her decade as Business Manager in her husband's shared company: FM Christensen Metallurgical Consulting. Gerda’s passion for people-care and earth-care manifests in her work with the Arrowsmith Watersheds Society and coalesces in Affordable Housing and Tiny Homes communities: creating workable models of community for those committed to living in, working for, and creating affordably sustainable living that serves all in need.

Man with Blue Sweater

Al Kiverago -

Board Member (Director) and Financial Specialist

Al Kiverago, founding member of AHVIS (Affordable Housing: Vancouver Island Society).

As a professional, Al was an AACI (Appraisal Institute of Canada) Accredited Mortgage and Real Estate Broker commercial / residential (now retired). Over the course of his career, forty plus years, Al worked across Canada for high profile companies like Crown Life and The Mortgage Group. Al Attended McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) where he majored in Economics and English.

Al's vision for AHVIS is to help improve the quality of life for lower income seniors on Vancouver Island.

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Affordable Housing is a regional issue which is inextricably tied to the economy of Vancouver Island.

Debit Card

We welcome your participation.  As a volunteer outreach member you’ll become a valuable part of our Nonprofit Organization and help to strengthen our operation and further our mission.

Our Mission is to develop and build affordable, sustainable, secure communities for people of low or modest income; seniors, other adults (especially service workers) and families.

We partner with government, community organizations and individuals using a social investment model to provide real community benefits thereby generating sustainable returns for investors. Funds can be invested in AHVIS projects at an early stage of planning, during the development phase (and then repaid), or funds can be left in the project over time to provide interest income.  The loan can be redeemed once the project generates rental revenues.

Please contact us to discuss investment possibilities.

AHVIS is a registered charity, and as a registered charity, we can issue a tax receipt / tax credit. Our registration number is: 80383 6758 BC0001. We encourage donations. For cash donations of $50 or more we'll issue a tax receipt. Other ways to contribute: gifts-in-kind (property or other items), bequests and / or anything of value. At AHVIS, we encourage multiple levels of participation and welcome inquires. Please feel free to drop us a note;

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